Friday, January 30, 2009

Giggles on the highway

I’ve decided I need to start carrying my camera around with me, because I pretty regularly see some random photo opportunity. Yesterday I was driving home from work, up I-30 from downtown Dallas, which is a route that I rarely take, simply because I live a pretty good bit north of 30, and with way more traffic than I care to deal with on a regular basis. As I get onto the highway, I see this truck cruising down the highway.
Looks like an odd car, doesn't it, sort of a car-castle, at first glance anyway.
I have no idea what the mechanical stuff up on the front part of the trailer is, it looked sort of like some kind of industrial sized transformers or something.
I've no idea where it was headed, and pretty soon after I got the shots it was on down the road, and I had to get off the highway and get over to the places where I had to make a few stops. In the meantime, an annoying drive home was peppered with some giggles
In other news, apparently, my boy Leo, who is such a fierce predator, well, unless you surprise him, got word that my feets were planning a rebellion in the night, so before I went to sleep, he made sure to beat and chew them into submission. Then, this morning, after I woke up, about 3:45, he obviously realized that the beating last night was not as effective as he had hoped, for he had to start in on them all over again! BOY, am I glad I have such a watchcat on the bed with me at night, or else I might have serious problems with my feet! HAHA I suppose that at least these 2 times, he managed the beatings while I was awake, rather than waking me with them!
I had plans to make my chocolate peanut butter cup cookies tonite, but being the scatterbrained nerd that I am these days, I failed to check and make sure that I had all the supplies that I need to do so, and I don't have but MAYBE 1 cup of flour, instead of the 3 that the recipe needs. Sigh, well, Nelson, your birthday cookies are going to be like 3 weeks late. Sorry, you know I love ya though! One of these days I'll manage to get birthday cards and gifts in the mail in time to get to the recipients at least within a week of their birthdays! OOPS :)


Michelle said...

I'm impressed that you managed to get the pictures taken safely while driving. I would have ended up in the ditch! Definitely an interesting car, and at least you found a way to keep yourself entertained on a long drive.

Thank you so much for stopping by on my SITS day on Thursday. I've really enjoyed reading all the comments and lovely things people had to say. It's taking me a bit to get around to read the blogs of everyone who commented, but I'm getting there! I hope you enjoyed your stay and that you come back to visit again soon!

~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog