Saturday, September 18, 2010

Busy Busy

I had really hoped that before now I would be in the swing of my work schedule, and be able to set aside some time each day to do a little writing, and have been trying to keep track of the random funny and odd things that occur along my drive to/from work, or as I'm out and about. (prime examples being the dead tree full of vultures I saw on the way in one day last week, and Thursday's unfortunate vision of a 350 lb man who does get kudos for actually doing some exercise, but subjected morning commuters to the view of his enormous, glowing white belly as he used his shirt to wipe his face) Unfortunately, I've not gotten there yet. It's been a busy couple of weeks.
Last weekend I had to get up early on Saturday and head to Arlington in order to get my car inspected (it was, by then 11 days past due). I had to go there, because, well, Don's Total Car Care has been taking care of my vehicles for about 10 years now, and I suspected a couple of things that might be a problem, but I wasn't sure. I know that Don will be honest with me, and work with me on expensive repairs, should they be required. Fortunately, they were not, and I was on my way to Grapevine before 9, so I could pick up a Survivor Joe bracelet as a Christmas gift. Sure, I could buy it online, but it would cost me an extra $5 PLUS shipping, so I spent a couple of bucks in gas and picked one up. Lunch at Friday's with friends, for the first time in months was both yummy and entertaining.
Wednesday I got to have dinner with some of the usual Wednesday Dinner Crew, again, for the first time in MONTHS. Genghis Grill, oh how I have missed you!
The big excitement for the week has been the addition of Li'lcat to our family. 

He is one of 3 living Dwelf cats in the world. As he is haired, and breed standard is hairless, he is, obviously, a non-standard Dwelf, but he doesn't know that, he just knows he's cute, loveable, loved, and a snugglebug! His presence continues to drive Girlcat & Boycat crazy, but they are adjusting. For several days they lashed out at Shortcat as well. I suspect that what they said to her went something like this: "Mollie, you little shrimp, he is short, like you, this MUST be ALL YOUR FAULT! What were you thinking getting Mom to bring ANOTHER one in here? Are you NUTS? We were just fine, the 3 of us and her, but NOOOO, YOU had to have another shrimp in here didn't you?!" Ultimately, I suspect largely out of self-preservation, shortcat also took a swat and a few hisses at the li'lcat as well, though she's definitely the first one to chill out over his presence. I suspect that he may not be staying too much longer, but we'll see what happens in the coming days. His former owner may decide that she didn't really want to give him up to begin with. As much as I love him, a week later he STILL doesn't follow the rules, and decides about 30 minutes before the alarm that he needs to speak with me, IMMEDIATELY.
Last weekend I learned to crochet, basically, a potholder. For years I've been able to make long chains, but not connect them together, so I'm pretty pleased with this development. I have no idea what I'll wind up making, but for now I'm just making a long ole, scarfish sort of item, so I can get my hands accustomed to the rhythm of it. Eventually I will learn to read a pattern and make an afghan, or hats, or something.
For now, it's off to bed with the 3 cats that actually will sleep in the bed with me, and perhaps the 4th will decide that she can, indeed, be in her corner of the bed with li'lcat on the other side, away from her.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I've had this post sort of rolling around in my head for several days, yet never quite found the time to sit down and actually work on it. Not that I didn't HAVE the time, I just didn't choose to do it. A week or so before I went back to work, we decided, in the interest of eliminating some of the chaos and allowing everyone to focus a little better, even for short periods of time, that we would no longer eat dinner in the living room, watching television. We've moved our dinners into the dining room, most nights, and it's kind of nice. We all leave our phones turned to silent, and spend that half hour or so with just those of us in the house. It does, however, cut into my computer time in the evenings, as by the time I get home, it's nearly 6, and we try to eat between 6:30 & 7. Then there's that little thing called a J.O.B. which keeps me away from the computer for most of the day, which, actually, is a HUGE blessing.
I know that I have a tendency to allow myself to get bogged down in the negative, and lose sight of the blessings which are present in my world every day.
  • I have family members who love me, quirks and all, though we may not always see eye to eye
  • I have friends and chosen family who love me, sometimes especially my quirks
  • I have a safe roof over my head, and food to eat
  • I have a church home that has been a blessing in my life for most of my life
  • My commute involves very little traffic, and the traffic report virtually never affects my commute
  • My co-workers are good people, and I have the opportunity to really be a part of shaping the office
I am endeavoring to keep my blessings in mind, rather than letting Negative Nelly rear her ugly head again. Next month I get my medical/dental/vision insurance, and will really be able to get back to taking my wellbutrin every day, instead of just on work days.