Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is a bit of a rant about my temp roomie's new doctor. My comments are in purple For several weeks now, she's been having some pain and swelling in one of her small toes, and yesterday had an appointment with a doctor to see about that and to try to get a new script for the 3 allergy meds she's been unable to get since the script ran out several months ago. The doctor told her that: 1. the toe is probably a muscular/tendon thing that's relatively common in people who have worn poorly fitting shoes for any period of time (she did as a child), and the only cure is to have surgery, and take ibuprofen or tylenol for pain. I think a podiatrist is probably better able to accurately diagnose a foot/toe thing, I also think that telling her to not wear shoes if she can avoid it, but not offering any real relief from the problem is a crock of shit 2. her sinus problems/headaches (which respond to meds like Claritin-D and Advil Cold & sinus) are allergies, but rather migraines and gave her a prescription for Matax, which the pharmacy dispensed 4 instead of the 10 that the doctor prescribed, probably due to limitations on her plan, hell, my plan would only allow me 9 a month, and I'm not sure I could get them all at once. umm, yeah, responds to sinus medications, history of severe allergies that require not 1 but 3 medications to control, sound like a migraine to me! 3. she has all the symptoms of her hypoglycemia turning into diabetes, so in a couple of weeks, on a Saturday morning, she has a fasting bloodtest scheduled.I lived with a diabetic mother from the onset of her diabetes until her death, she is NOT exhibiting symptoms of high blood sugar. I told her that she has symptoms of depression, fibromyalgia, and possibly a sleep disorder, all of which I do or have lived with for about 10 years. Her response was "the doctor said yes, I have those, AND those are all signs of diabetes." WTF????? I think tonite I'm going to get her to let me check the trigger points for fibro and see what happens.

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