Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Halfway through

It’s almost unbelievable that I’m halfway through with my busiest season of the year, Scarborough. It’s been a whirlwind of fun, busy, and some stress over the changes at my pays the bills job.
The day job has settled into more of a routine, and while I’m still on “probation” until, umm Memorial Day, I’m not particularly concerned because I’m proving myself (again), and getting everything done that has been asked of me. My goal this week, while the T is on vacation, is to finish getting everything that was waiting for me when she left completely entered, so that next week I can hound the boss and get the pre-emptive paperwork processed to keep us from getting nastygrams on the 15th. She can never manage to do it, and as a result on the 12th of last month I worked a 13 hour day with no real lunch break. That is NOT going to happen this month, I am determined! I am a bit frustrated by one co-worker who’s sort of abusing her absence by spending more time than usual talking to her boyfriend on the cell phone and trolling the internet for barrel racing videos. Hopefully tomorrow that’s going to get resolved, but we’ll see.

The Faire job has been fun, as usual, and I’ve done pretty well with not overdoing anything. We’ve made it through 2 weekends on our own, without any incidents, and I’ve learned a few new recipes to mix up existing scents, as well as making up a few more.  This coming weekend is my last weekend with my awesome friends from Galveston, which kind of makes me sad, but next weekend is the weekend that my BFF and identical twin from another mother will be in for our jaunt. We missed it last year, and it was a real downer.

For now, it’s off to bed for a good night’s sleep so I can get up and get an early start. Tomorrow’s laundry night, so I can get packed to leave Friday morning.