Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday’s icy remnants of the storm that came through on Tuesday night kept me home from work, but the leech went on in to her job. I took advantage of this time to make sure that when she moved out, none of my stuff would go with her. This is what I found when I opened one box:
The newspaper wrapped items are pieces of Rosenthal china, the box in the upper left corner is a replica of the Ballpark in Arlington, the blue & white thing is a case in which to store china plates.
Farther down in the box I found:
The brass & black utensils are a Thai serving set that we have had in our house for longer than I can remember. Also mixed in under there are assorted ‘collectible’ spoons and baby utensils that were mine and my little brothers. These items were stored in the drawer of the wooden silver service chest that held my mother’s STERLING SILVER SERVICE, 6 place settings. At this point, her fate was sealed, and I could no longer allow her into my home. I continued my search for my belongings, since I was pretty sure that there were more of them among her things.
The next box yielded:
Yeah, that red & white box, that’s my Polar Express Sleigh Bell that was given to me by my BFF the year that the movie was released. It is engraved with my name, my BFF’s name, and our #1 Boy’s name. UH, yeah, relatively identifiable, dontcha think. Also in the box was my PE miniature train ornament set, and a Greek keyhook. WTF???
Hanging on the wall behind her door was this bunch of necklaces:
Yeah, see that shiny diamond solitaire pendant? MINE, made from the solitaire in my maternal grandmother’s engagement ring. Yep, that diamond was cut back in the 20’s or 30’s, I can identify it, I have had jewelers come out of their shops at the mall to comment on it and ask about it.
In yet ANOTHER box I found:
See the 6 silver plated candlesticks? They are part of a stemware set that my parents bought when we lived in Athens. Farther down in the box I also came across: That wee bottle there? That’s a bottle of Gold flakes brought back to me from Alaska by some friends who went on an Alaskan cruise last year. That arrowhead and the box that it is in came from a jeweler in ATHENS GREECE. I have had the locks re-keyed, and will be getting a copy of that key to my landlord this week. I packed up all of her stuff and put it out on the driveway yesterday afternoon.
The conversation that ensued, via text, beginning at 2:55 pm:
Me: Your stuff will b on driveway when you get to house. I cannot live 1 more day with a thief. Locks have been changed. I hope you will get the help you clearly need. Me: Ourtown PD has been made aware. You no longer have insurance on my policy Roomie From Hell: Whatever RFH: What RFH: What do i RFH: What do I have. What did . do. Me: china, silver, thai serving pieces, amethyst earrings. Do not play dumb with me. Just come get your stuff and go. RFH: If I have your things sorry. I have no place to go. Me: Go to B’s I don’t care. I tried to be a good friend, you took advantage and stole from me. YOU did this to yourself. I am done helping you. RFH: Guess I sleep in my car Me: Should have considered that before you stole from someone who cared about you. Not my problem. Are you still @ work or on way to house? RFH: Why Me: Just tryin to figure out how long to be here since your stuff is out on driveway and I don’t want anyone to steal it. Don’t think it’ll happen with my care there RFH: Who is going to be their. Police Me: Just me. Police know I’m putting you out, but unless you start problems, I won’t call them. RFH: It will not all fit in my car Me: It all fit in the other car this 1 is bigger so it should all fit. If you can’t fit all, take a load to B’s & then come get the rest, which u can leave on porch RFH: I can’t stay at her place Me: Not my problem. Funny, last nite u said she had offered to let you stay there. I can’t help you anymore. RFH: She went out of town until tomorrow Me: So get a motel I don’t care. I have done all I can. I cannot trust you in my home, so you cannot be in it. (sent this at 3:46 Received a blank message at 4:54, she pulled up about then & started loading her stuff. I went and got in my car to go to dinner. Me: Your W2 is in mailbox (sent this message at 5:05) RFH: Where is my necklace that were hanging behind the bedroom door Me: In the bare traps box
I haven’t heard from her since then. I had a lovely dinner with some of my favorite people, came home to a quiet house, had a nice HOT shower, and managed to have a couple of phone conversations that I could have without anyone eavesdropping or interrupting me! WOOT! I am quite happy.
It’s also a bonus that my burger last night managed to digest fully without sending me running to the bathroom within about 10 minutes of eating it! It’s possible that at least part of my beef problem of the last several months was related to stress…. HMMM

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Mary said...

Eating beef without becoming ill is good. The boxes are just unbelievable. WTF was she thinking. Oh wait. Thinking wasn't in the mix.