Thursday, January 15, 2009


I really need to learn to have more down time! And when I say down time, I mean time when I’ve turned off the tv, and frankly, probably the laptop, which, incidentally has recently been named Wendell. Don’t ask me why his name is Wendell, it just is. One of those things, I guess. I suppose it would probably be fine to have Wendell on, for things like journaling, but I need to really focus on not hiding behind the forums, myspace, facebook, and other random sites that seem to fascinate me and monopolize my time and energy. . I’ve been conditioned to ALWAYS have noise. When I was a kid, I always had the radio on or the tv going while I did my homework. I simply can’t concentrate when it’s quiet. Of course, I was a fairly unremarkable student, which might not have been the case, had I been a little better able to focus on my studies. I can’t sleep when it’s quiet. I have the tv on for awhile until the timer turns it off, and the Ipod is already running though I can’t hear it over the tv. I have list after list of things that I need to get done, yet I allow myself to get sucked into the internet, or a video game, or the tv, probably largely as a means of avoiding what really needs to be done. That being said, my goal for the next couple of weeks until my House Concert on February 5th, is to get what is supposed to be a study/sewing room/garb closet but is currently piled, literally, with junk, cleared out and organized. Tomorrow, when I get home from work, I am going to start pulling stuff out and stacking it in the living room so it can be sorted into categories: 1. Keep and display or have where I can use it easily 2. Keep and store in a proper and organized manner 3. Keep and photograph to post on Craig’s List or Ebay 4. Donate to Mission Arlington because while I don’t need or want it, it’s still usable, but not worth the trouble of Ebay or Craig’s List 5. TRASH I don’t get enough sleep most nights, and I am not entirely sure that part of the problem is not all the clutter and junk in my house. I need to clear the clutter and perhaps my brain will be a little clearer, so I can focus on things that I want to work on. It’s time for Wendell to go to sleep, and me too, actually, so I’m off to watch a little more Cosby til I fall asleep with the cats.

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