Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yeah, it's been awhile since I managed to get a decent post up. A lot has happened of late. Thursday night, some dork (gee, I wonder who that might be?) bumped into the tv tray table that had my laptop AND a half a glass of water on it. *sigh* even though I had plans for a new laptop in the next several months or so, I was NOT planning on it right now, especially since this week I have to pay my deductible to get my freshly repaired Escape out of hock at the body shop. In the end, I have a shiny new laptop for less money than what I spent on the other one, and with more memory and a faster processor. I was terribly distraught at the idea that I could lose thousands of photos, and have to totally reload all of my Itunes music (somewhere around 2500 songs). My Ipod decided over the weekend that 3 of the tunes that are on my "totally zone me out and calm me down" playlist (it's actually just 1 cd) were no longer worth having at normal speed, and therefore they were put on SPEED. Now I need to resync my Ipod too. GREAT! When I got home from faire on Sunday evening, I tried turning on the original laptop, to discover that it powers itself right back off again. Ok, sure, I'll let it dry out some more. Last night, I discovered that it would power up, but only stays on as long as it's plugged in, and the battery doesn't charge up at all. In my search for my Ipod cord, I did come across an EZ Transfer cable. SCORE! I powered up both units, connected them via the cable, and transferred everything from one laptop to the other. At least I hope I transferred everything. Of course it all transferred into random places, so it will probably take me weeks to figure out where everything is, and I'll spend hours populating my Itunes Library and getting my playlists set back up, but at least hopefully I didn't lose anything... Last night I picked up my car, YAY! I may have mentioned that I HATE that Prius. Sure, I'm all for being environmentally conscious and reducing my carbon footprint, however I HATE driving cars that are low to the ground. I've been driving trucks/vans/small SUVs for about 10 years now, and I literally felt like I was getting road rash on my ass! I don't drive a gas hog, I average about 20 mpg in my Escape, and since I'm not about to go back into a compact car, that's about the best I can expect in whatever I'm going to drive. I have to give kudos to Craig's Collision for getting my car done and back to me in 13 working days, rather than the 21 that my insurance adjuster estimated. I was a bit concerned about that because it meant I would need to turn in my rental early or over a weekend or two so that I wouldn't run over my allowed days (30 calendar days). The car looks great, everything matches, and the front is all shiny with it's fresh coat of paint.

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