Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week 7

Another weekend at faire has come to a close. Yesterday's light but steady rain made for lots of ponds about the shire, slick paths, bogs, and a fairly thin crowd. Today, however, dawned cool (literally, I think it was in the upper 50s when we got out to the site this morning), especially for mid-may. By noon traffic was backed up on the highway for miles, and when I left to head home, all of the rows had been parked as far up as they could possibly be parked. Several vendors said they were having better days than we have recently. That's awesome! I'm hoping that SOMEONE got pics of me, because I sure didn't manage to get anyone to take any, in my new festive pirate outfit, with my feathered hat of awesomeness. On the down side, I kind of thought that I would be better prepared to be seeing some of the people I'm going to see next weekend, but considering the minor meltdown I had on the way home, I'm thinkin' Sunday's gonna be hard.

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