Thursday, May 28, 2009


Yeah, I'm in a funk, again. It happens every year when faire comes to an end. This year, however, it's been a little harder. Overall, it was a rough season for me, and I'm still working through my feelings about what caused the rough patches. Actually, this evening, I thought I had found a bright spot, but, well, of course as soon as I started to think it might be something good, that rug got yanked. Again. I did learn, also, that it's better for me not to have company for closing weekend. I tend to forget that I seriously need my downtime during the weekend, and the following few days, and I can't do that when I'm having to share my space with company. When faire ends, I really need a few days of nobody in the house except me and the cats, otherwise I get very cranky and negative. There are a handful of people in my world who are ALWAYS negative, and that constant negativity drives me up a wall. That's part of the reason that I hate when I get into these negative cycles. It really bothers me that I am inflicting upon my friends (who I know are just going to love me through it anyway), the very thing that makes me berserk about other people. Effective Sunday, I have no health insurance, so tomorrow's task is to find out whether or not my prescriptions, which are, fortunately, generics, are on any of the local pharmacies' $4/month list or something, so I can continue to take them. On the upside of the past couple of days is the fact that I got my Unemployment Benefit Decision, and I'll collect enough that I'm not going to be homeless, carless, or without utilities, at least for a few months if I don't find something quickly. It's going to mean tightening my belt on some things, and it may drain my savings a bit, but I won't be on the street or anything. Now I'll try to get some sleep, in my quiet house.

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