Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Countdown

YAY! We are finally in the home stretch of the countdown to Opening Weekend at Scarby! Cannon is in 29 hours. In 26 or 27 I'll be in the parking lot greeting friends and getting ready for a lovely day in the shire. I should totally be packing my stuff and getting the house picked up so I can leave at 10:30 this morning to get some errands done before I head down to Waxahachie, but of course I am sitting on my ass, watching the news and blogging instead. I have managed to narrow down what to wear and am leaving all but 2 outfits at home, in an effort to not have quite so many decisions to make when I wake up in the mornings after a late night. I suspect that tonite I’ll be helping my motel roomie work on alterations for a friend’s costuming. Hopefully the changes will be mostly straight seams being sewn so we won’t be up all night. The cats know something’s up, and my sweet boy is sticking very close this morning. The good news is that the house won’t be unattended this weekend for the crazy bitch to get in and steal me blind, because some of my friends are staying here, though I’ll be closer to faire at the motel. I’m also hoping to get some good sunshiny photos of my front yard before I head out, because I’m quite happy with what I had my nephew put in on Sunday. I am going to have to get a better shepherd’s crook for one of my fuchsias though, because the one I’ve got keeps leaning down, and won’t stay upright for some reason. The more time I spend trolling the net looking at plants, the more I want to do with my backyard! I suspect, however, that I need to slow down a bit, lest I bust the bank account. This weekend is also Race Weekend in north Texas. Several people I know are going to various activities out at the speedway, but even if I wasn’t going to faire, I would probably not be heading that way. Traffic makes me crazy, and as much as I like watching on tv, and keep up with where my driver is in the standings, I’m not willing to be driving in that mess. If someone else wants to drive, we can discuss it, but it’s not going to be me behind the wheel. A few years ago I went down to Sundance Square on Friday to get an autograph for a friend’s birthday. I realize that Nascar is considered by many to be a redneck sort of sport, and I find it hugely amusing that it is the only professional sport that openly acknowledges a supreme being, and addresses that being prior to every race with a prayer. I think it’s kind of sad that other professional sports don’t publicly acknowledge faith in any way. I also appreciate the fact that generally, Nascar chooses vocalists that can do the Star Spangled Banner who can actually sing it without mangling it or jazzing it up, or whatever so many of the others I’ve seen at other events are doing. I mean, I get that everybody wants to leave their mark, but come on people, it’s our national anthem, and as a military brat, I have certain expectations with regard to the flag, anthem and other patriotic things/ideas. Among those expectations are basic respect for the flag, which means face it, men should remove their hats, and if you choose not to participate in the pledge or anthem, please just sit or stand quietly. If I am at an event hosted by your country, I will afford your flag and anthem the same respect I offer my own. It annoys the HELL out of me to see or hear people talking or giggling during the anthem. OK, that rant’s over now. I’d better get off my butt and get the sheets in the dryer, clean sheets on the bed, and finish packing so that I stand half a chance of being on the road when I want to be!

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