Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend #3

This has been a hard weekend for me. My identical twin, AKA Darla came in for faire. This is a weekend that we both look forward to, beginning at cannon on Sunday night when we hit the parking lot to go back to my house so she can head home the following day. As a result of last weekend's trip, I have had to work pretty hard to get the enthusiasm back for us to enjoy our magic. I'm still frustrated about that whole situation, and it's something that I'm going to have to work through, and hope that it turns out well. This time around, the baby stayed home with Daddy for a couple of reasons. 1. big brother had 2 doctors' appointments today and we really didn't need to have to try and corral the baby as well; 2. who wants to corral the toddler at faire, since he won't stay in his stroller or a wagon; 3. Daddy said "he can stay home with me, we'll have a good time". Our days were pretty good, because the big boy had the phone with him, so we didn't get 47 phone calls, as we often do. The evenings, on the other hand, rather than being enjoyable, post faire dinners among friends, have been stressful and annoying because the asshole just HAD to call and prove his dickheadedness. Friday night he was mad because we were out to dinner with a 3 people we know and love that come up from Houston & Galveston, instead of sitting in the motel eating takeout and waiting for him to be good and drunk so he could call her. Saturday night, he was angry because after spending nearly 30 minutes on the phone with him outside the restaurant, she wanted to come in and eat with the rest of us (17 plus me, I think), and THEN when he called 4 more times in the 40 minutes she was inside eating and visiting, she couldn't hear him to talk to him, so he called again as soon as we got out the door & were driving through to get our friend who couldn't make it to dinner with the group something to eat. Yeah, it was UGLY. Last night he finally gave up after about an hour of back & forth bullshit. Today it has been off and on all day, because, well, DAMN, we have to actually be off the phone with him while we are talking to the doctor. Tonight he is pissed off because he doesn't understand why she's mad at him for calling her a bad mother since she needed to actually do something for her work by a specific time, so "no thank you, don't try to make the baby talk to me on the phone, since he's not wanted to talk to me for the last 3 days". Oh holy shit! Yeah, there may be a trip to the sticks in my future for packing and helping to move. In other news, I've had absolutely no response to what I had to do on Thursday night, in an effort to get my heart back, though I've had a bit of feedback. I'm still heartbroken, and in all honesty, it has been literally 8 months since I went this long with no contact, and it is harder than I EVER imagined, but it has to be done. Oh, and on Wednesday, as I was on my way home. I had a small accident, with a little over $4K of damage to my car. Nobody was hurt, and I don't think the truck I hit has nearly the damage that I sustained, but we'll see. Fortunately, my insurance was already renewed for 6 months, so I won't have an increased premium until October. Ok, I think I've done enough rambling and venting, and my alarm will go off in about 6 hours, so I've got to go to bed!

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