Monday, June 1, 2009

Surprise! Part Deux

Back in January, I posted an entry about a formerly close friend. I replied to that email, and while I did give her a brief update on the high points of my world at the time (I left out the part about being annoyed by the leech), I didn't give her my current phone number, because, well, I wasn't ready for her to have that much ability to get into my world. Since then, I have gotten exactly 2 emails from her, both general forwards with no personal notes at all. Today, there popped into my inbox, an email from her practically begging me to take her in so she doesn't have to go out onto the streets because her current situation, with a cousin, is just not working out, whatever the hell that means, and there's no room at her dads. She's got a part time job for like 3 days this month and some interviews set up, but from the sounds of things, no steady income. I suppose that for too long I've been too nice or something. Somehow it's as if I'm expected to take in every stray that comes across my path. Yeah, well, the leech took care of that for all you strays out there! NEVER AGAIN am I going to share my space with anyone other than a husband or life partner, who will be equally responsible for the lease and bills! AND, if I was going to take in someone, it would be someone who is truly my friend, and is actually interested interested in spending time with me and talking to me just because we are friends, rather than because I can do something for them. I cannot devote any more time to people that suck the energy and joy out of my world. I have enough drama on my own, so please don't try to involve me in yours, k?thanks On the up side, I have an iterview tomorrow with a staffing agency for a position that is about half the distance I used to have to drive to the job I loved in Dallas. I'm figuring on about 2.5 hours or so tomorrow late morning/early afternoon to get that taken care of. I have had a couple of other nibbles on my resumes that are posted, but somehow I don't get how "Administrative Assistant or Office Manager" translates into Sales Associate. I list NO SALES EXPERIENCE on my resume or skills. I specifically state that I am looking for an office position, why the HELL are you emailing me about the Assistant Manager position for your retail store? GAAAH OK, off to bed so tomorrow I won't have bags under my eyes

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