Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hump Day

Wednesday has rolled around again. It's been a busy couple of days, between working on my resume and getting some cover letters drafted, and trying to finish updating my Itunes, since it's been around 6 months since I last synced the Ipod. I did discover, however, that in my transfer of data, I somehow lost about 25 albums. I have the original discs from most of them, but am going to have to hund for a few, which is always annoying, as I am sooo organized. *umm, yeah, NOT* This afternoon, Snipe tweeted with a tattoo link and I just HAD to make with the clickyclicky. Yes, I have ink. I have 4, at the moment. There are a couple of others that I have in mind, however, since I've no idea where to put them, they aren't part of the collection yet. That being said, I have certain rules for my ink.
  1. I must be able to see it without a mirror
  2. I must be able to show it easily without risk of being arrested for indecent exposure
  3. I must be able to hide it easily
  4. It must not be where it is likely to migrate as I age
  5. It must not be where it is likely to develop stretch marks
  6. I will not get a new one between the end of March and the end of September, as it's too likely to get sunburned too soon

My first is a small yellow rose on my toe. Well, it's not particularly yellow anymore, but I don't really care. The conversation with the artist went like this:

Artist: Are you sure you don't want red? It would show up better Me: I am from TEXAS, why the HELL would I want a red rose instead of yellow? I've been planning this tattoo for 15 years Artist: I can't guarantee how long the yellow will last, it fades pretty quickly Me: That's fine, I understand that, I will know that it's yellow

My second is a ladybug. I was ready for another tat, I think ladybugs are cute, and there it is. That one does need to be recolored, but I suspect it's a result of wearing socks and boots over it too soon after I had it done.

My third breaks rule #1, but ironically, has the most profound meaning for me, and once I finished working out the basic design, which I then forwarded to an artist for tweaking before he applied it, I just knew that it belonged between my shoulderblades. It is a celtic triskele and various stages of a hackberry butterfly.

My fourth is part of a matched set, it's twin is on my BFFs right calf, and mine is on my right. We'd talked for years about doing something to match, and last year on Mother's Day weekend, we went to my artist and had the bagpipes done. They aren't identical, but they are very close, as we are, and we celebrated 21 years of friendship that spring.

Ironically, shortly before I read the tweet, I had read this article about a young woman in Belgium who FELL ASLEEP while having her FACE tattooed. Allegedly, she wanted 3 stars on her forehead, and woke up with 56 on her face. UMM, ok, how the HELL do you fall asleep when you are getting inked? I mean, seriously people, it HURTS! I can only imagine how painful a facial tat would be! Weird folks out there, I suppose.


Michelle said...

Oooo I like some of your rules -- especially the migrating one ;) That's a big reason I *don't* have a tattoo... I keep thining thirty years down the road. And the yellow rose? That conversation cracks me up, but I totally get it.

Raevyn said...

Yep, one of my favorite people in the world, my mom's best friend from gradeschool until forever, has a butterfly that I remember being just above her knee, but the last time I saw her, it was just below her knee.