Thursday, December 11, 2008

Frustration Mounts

So, here I am, 5 days until I have the surgery I've wanted for about 5 years now. My doctor told me back in the summer that I could have it, and I purposely scheduled it for as close to Christmas as possible, simply because it's not usually a super-busy time at work, and we are closed for 2.5 days the week of Christmas, and 2.5 days the week of New Years, so I won't have to use too much vacation time. Last week I saw my gynecologist for my pre-op appointment, and to get my paperwork to take to the surgical center for the pre-admission work up. I also called the surgical center, to see if there was a specific time to come in and do the pre-admission and fork over my share of the cost. Nope, just come on in anytime during business hours. So, this afternoon, I left work at 2:30 to go over there. I walked in at 3 (they close at 5), and was told that they only do pre-admission between 8 & 2 p.m. WTF??? The person I talked to last week couldn't have told me that? Yeah, never mind that I have about a thousand things to get done before I leave at the end of the day on Monday afternoon, and I really can't afford the time away from the office! So now I'm going to have to go over there tomorrow, probably during my lunch break. I'll just have to get out of the house a little earlier in the morning and get more done before the phone starts ringing at 7. (well, actually, it sometimes starts ringing before 7, but what the hell, who actually conducts business before 7 a.m.??? Yeah, leave me a message because I'm sure not stopping what I'm in early to do, specifically to have time to get it done before the phone starts ringing to answer your call. I had a raging headache before I even left the office, and the crazies on the road made it worse, and coupled with the fact that apparently my uterus has found out it's being evicted and is going to raise a ruckus as much as possible, so I'm cramping a mere week after my last period ended. Yeah, I'm quite happy to be rid of that particular little bit of BS every month! It seems that I get crabbier and bitchier every day, and at this point, I suspect that, despite the fact that I have wanted this for a very long time, and am looking forward to not having the periods and the drama that goes along with them, I am getting nervous about it. The last time I had major surgery (I'm not counting my Lasik 6 years ago, because, well, I was awake, and I felt no pain), I was 4 years old, and having a plate put in to replace a shattered piece of my skull. Ok, yeah, laugh if you want, I am drain-bamaged, I admit it, because about a teaspoon of brain matter was removed several months earlier when the skull fracture happened. I'm ok with it, I have brain damage and I'm weird, what's your excuse for your weirdness? HMMM?? At any rate, yeah, I'm scared, because I've not been anesthetized in over 35 years. I have every faith in my doctor, and in my support system in general, but y'know, it's still a scary thought.

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