Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, another weekend has flown by. Apparently, I’ve gotten myself way too busy, because now, not only have I totally missed my youngest nephew’s birthday (Oh, I have a card for him, and I HAD a gift card for him, which has now grown legs, so I’ve got to replace it) by 3 weeks, my only niece had one yesterday that totally got past me, as did the surprise party for my sister on Saturday night. Yeah, I suck, I know. I used to be REALLY GOOD at remembering birthdays, anniversaries, whatever, but here lately, I think my brain's gone on strike or something. Saturday morning, it seems that my sweet, precious, yellow-bellied, lily-livered boycat decided to channel his bitchy, recently departed sister. I didn’t actually see it happen, but when my roomie came outside with a band-aid on her hand and said “Leo BIT ME”, well, I got pulled into it, obviously. Now, Rhonda, rest her soul, was ALWAYS testy about who got to pet her, as well as when and for how long. Upon introducing her to anyone, I always included a warning that she looks all sweet and innocent with those different colored-eyes, and sure she’s all purry, but when she’s DONE, she is DONE, AT THAT INSTANT, with no warning. Literally, one second she’s all happy to have you scratching her head, and before you know it, she’s furious that you dared to touch her, and is trying to draw blood either with her claw or teeth, whichever is handier (or both). Most people believed me, though one or two didn’t, and either went home with a fresh scratch, or narrowly missed having one. At any rate, for the last couple of weeks, Leo has been awfully vocal about needing attention. I don’t know what’s going on, but there it is, he wants attention, constantly, and if you don’t give it to him, he’s going to whine and yowl until he gets it. So, roomie is in the house, and he hollers at her, and comes up alongside her and rubs against her leg, so she reaches down to scratch him on the head and talk to him, until suddenly he just turns and chomps on her hand! WTF??? He never bites people. I still have no idea what happened, I tried talking to him, but he just looked around as if totally innocent! He got a stern lecture about not being allowed to channel Queen Bitch, not being allowed to bite people, and about behaving himself properly. He was also grounded from roomie’s bedroom for the day. Yesterday, my sister and I went to the Dallas Museum of Art for the Tut exhibit. WOW! The intricacy of some of the works is amazing, especially considering that they were created without the tools that are available some 3000 years later. My sister said she’d heard or read about people bitching because the artifacts exhibited do not include the sarcophagus that his mummy was found in. Umm, yeah, like Egypt is going to let a treasure like that out of the country, seriously people, what are you thinking?? One of the coolest things there was a model of his skull that was made using the CT scans done a few years ago, which is not in a case, and touching it is encouraged. I guess from the years of seeing the pictures of the sarcophagus, and images of him with the big headdress on, combined with the diadem that was part of the exhibit, I expected his head to be a little bigger than it was. I suppose perhaps he had some SERIOUSLY thick hair or something, because that diadem looked like it would fit ME, and I KNOW my skull is bigger than the one that was exhibited. You know, they will make a bobblehead out of anything, including the boy king! And somehow, it’s just WRONG to pull tissues out the nose of a pharaoh! Those were the most amusing items I saw in the gift shop. My mother would have LOVED the exhibit, as she was very taken with Egyptology. Am working on getting everything together to take down to the sticks to see Darla & crew for Thanksgiving. I think I’ve gathered it all, now it’s just a matter of assembly and cooking/freezing. My kitchen’s gonna be a mess for several days, methinks! Turkey breasts, drumsticks, potato casserole, cookies, meatloaf, meat & mac casserole, & 8 can soup! First order of biz is get the meatloaves made & into the freezer, and the ground meat cooked for the meat & mac and the soup. Hopefully tonite will have that done. Tuesday will be turkey night, and m&m. Thursday is cookies. Friday will be potatoes, and Saturday, soup, and I’m all done except for packing the cooler Wednesday morning with all the frozen goodies.

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