Friday, October 24, 2008

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Ok, yeah, I still suck at this blogging regularly thing. I don’t Twitter very well either, but eventually I’ll probably get a little better at both! Since my last post, I’ve been a little busy.

1. Faire--- yep, did it for 3 weekends, though only 1 weekend was really full.

a. MIDDLEFAIRE still very small, quaint, really only a one day sort of faire. Nonetheless, I got to spend the day with some awesome people, and see friends I haven’t seen since Scarby. Didn’t really buy anything this year, and that’s ok, but I did help someone else pick out a couple of things. Overall I had a wonderful day, and made a few interesting observations that I may share later. Or not. b. MARYLAND – I had looked forward to this trip for a year and a half. I was going to spend my birthday, not just the weekend closest to my birthday, at faire! I was going to see friends that I haven’t seen since Arlington, and won’t see again until December. I had new friends who took vacation days in order to pick me up and return me to the airport, and gave up a weekend at their preferred faire in order to share my birthday at faire, as well as share their home with me, so I wasn’t in a strange place with no one I knew. By the Monday before I left Friday morning, I so did not want to go. Yeah, I won’t have the chance again for 5 years to be at faire ON MY BIRTHDAY, but I wanted instead to stay and spend time over the weekend with someone relatively new in my life. Bless him, he did his best to convince me that I would have more fun at faire, as he had to work and had several other obligations keeping him busy that weekend. My distress at the airport and on the first leg of the journey, from DFW to Atlanta came as a huge surprise to me, even. Over the course of the weekend, I had multiple disappointments, most of them my fault, largely because I didn’t want to be there, and because I failed to really understand the grueling schedule my friends I was originally going to see were on. As hard as my hosts tried to ensure that I had fun, MD is not the faire for me, and I’m not sure I would spend the time or money to go back. c. TRF – yes, I camped, for the first time in like 30something years. Friends rented a popup camper and we split the cost 5 ways, it was a great deal. Well, other than the bed we were in giving a bit at 5 a.m. on Saturday and 7 a.m. on Sunday. We got down there late Friday night after the rest of the crew had arrived early in the day and set up camp. All we really had to do was unload our stuff and start drinkin’ before we went on walkabout with jello shots that Isa made. That was interesting, meeting people with booze! TRF is, well, TRF. I’ve been once this year, and I would go again, with the right person/people, but don’t have a burning desire to go back. I like TRF, but I LOVE Scarby! 2. Work’s gotten crazy busy, and people are starting to get UGLY about us not doing repairs. I’m sorry, but that $16K installation that could cost my company hundreds or thousands of dollars per day if I don’t meet the construction schedule takes precedence over your $300 repair. I realize that you think that your product is the only one that matters, but guess what, the world does NOT revolve around you and your facility, much less your 10 year old product that I have told you for 3 years is pretty much beyond repair and needs to be replaced! 3. House is beginning to be in better order, at least some of the time. I SUCK at housekeeping. I HATE doing it. I blame my parents for this… we had a housekeeper until I was almost 8, and until I was almost 11, my mom didn’t work away from home, other than volunteer sort of stuff, so I didn’t have to pitch in and do cleaning, etc. until after she went back to work. And actually, one of my great aunts told me one time “Honey, you don’t know HOW to properly clean house, because your mother didn’t know how.” Technically, I suppose, that makes it my maternal grandparents’ fault, because they had a housekeeper who was in several days a week, as far as I remember from what Mom told me. This weekend, sometime, my landlord is coming by to winterize the pool, and maybe drain the hot tub to clean it. I think that’s about it for now… maybe I’ll get better at this now.

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