Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Living with cats

Since this is a relatively new blog, I should point out that I live with 2 of them. Over the weekend, we got a couch from my sister & brother in law. Nothing fancy, but it's a couch, and I can lie down to watch tv, should I so desire in my media room, however, I digress. One of the cats, my (ok, not so very) little calico, Bow, has laid claim to the end opposite where I tend to sit while I'm watching tv or playing on the laptop. She bathes there, she sleeps there, she watches tv there. So last night, my roomie and I are watching tv in there. I have no idea where Ms. Huzzbucket is in the house, but for whatever reason, my sweet (if yellowbellied) boy Leo is snoozing on the opposite end of the couch from me. He's been there probably an hour or so, all peaceful-like, off in kittydreamland, not bothering anybody. Background for those who haven't met my cats, bless his yellowbellied heart, he's afraid of his own shadow, much less things going thump or touching him when he's not paying attention. In strolls Bow from the kitchen. She walks over to the couch and sees him there in her spot. Hard as I tried to teach her manners, it appears that I failed. She had several options at this moment: 1. She COULD have howled, as she is prone to doing, for no particular reason, at random times 2. She COULD have reached up with a paw, patted him on the head and said "dude, you're in my spot, scoot!" 3. She COULD have climbed up beside him and curled up with him, as they sometimes do, either on the other couch, or on my bed BUT, she did NOT do any of these things. She instead POUNCED up on top of him, using him as a sort of a springboard to get onto the arm of the couch. My poor boy, flew off the couch as if the hounds of hell were after him, too scared to even puff up! Once he thought he was a safe distance away, he turned to see what had attacked him, and saw her, looking all innocent. Yep, she's got an innocent look. When my roomie said "Bow! that was unnecessary and uncalled for!", she looked around with a "what? I don't know what you're talking about" sort of look. I guess we all know who the alpha cat is....

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