Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Once again

I realize just how blessed I am. I was blessed with a beautiful friend for 17 years, and she will live forever in my heart. Someone told me yesterday that his theory is that sometimes when we lose someone we love it is to make room for a new love in our life. I suppose that's one possibility, and I suppose time will tell. I'm not looking for love, necessarily, nor am I looking for another pet. I have some wonderful friends in my world, some old, some not so old, and I won't even go into the whole silver/gold thing... I think most of mine are platinum or something. There's one in particular, we've been acquainted for, oh, about 5 months or so now, but I don't think really became friends until probably sometime in July. I think that this friendship has been the greatest gift of my year so far. I don't know how it will grow and change, but I do know that there's a connection there that is indisputable. A bit of joy is added to my world any time we talk, and I look forward to waking up knowing that we'll be able to have a conversation, whether it is about the hurricane, faire, or just hanging out. It's turning out to be a wonderful friendship, and I'm thankful every day for it, as well as many other friendships. The next 3 weekends I get to spend at faire, some days with the same people, other days without them. Either way, it should be a fabulous few weekends anyway! sleepytime!

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