Monday, February 1, 2010

Whine whine whine

This is probably going to wind up being one of those bitchy whiny posts, so either please bear with me, or come back tomorrow for something a bit cheerier (I hope).

Back in November, I moved in with friends, in an effort to try and get back on my feet. There have been times that it’s been great, and times when it’s been strained, to say the least. We’ve all had to make adjustments, and while it’s not a perfect situation, it’s the best there is for now. There are 4 adults (1 not yet 20) and a teenager living here now. All 4 adults are unemployed, and not a one of us is collecting unemployment. A couple of weeks ago, we held a “family meeting” and came to a few ground rules.

Each of the 3 oldest adults will cook dinner 2 nights per week, 2 of us will each do a night with one of the kids, and the kids will do one night on their own.

Monday is T & the boy (19)

Tuesday is me & the girl (14)

Wednesday is E

Thursday is the kids

Friday is me

Saturday is E (& T if we are having company)

Sunday is T

Kitchen duty (as of that meeting) consists of preparing and cleaning up after dinner, and it is the responsibility of the cooks to plan ahead to be sure that all necessary ingredients are available. Everybody is to rinse their own plate and put it in the dishwasher.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday the boy is to sweep the living and dining rooms, and on Friday mop them, and help as needed with trash

Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday the girl is to sweep the kitchen/entry, and on Sunday she is to mop the kitchen and sweep the stairs as well.

I am sweeping the public bathroom downstairs and the girl’s upstairs, and keeping sinks, tubs & toilets swiped clean.

T is in charge of trash and keeping the porch/front yard clean

E is in charge of keeping the kitchen and living/dining rooms generally picked up

So Friday, I had plans with a friend to go with her to find fabric for her new dress, and was also going to try to exchange something for E at Joann’s in Dallas. I did the messy part of prep work for my soup on Thursday, cleaning up behind myself as I went. Friday morning before I headed out in the cold, I put everything in the crockpot, put the trash in the trash, and cleaned up behind myself once again. It was kind of a trying day, and when I got home, I came in to a sink full of dishes! WHAT? I cleaned up the DINNER dishes, which, thanks to crock pot liners, consisted of rinsing the ladle, washing the spoon rest, and washing the lid to the crockpot. I got chewed out a couple of days later for not washing and putting in the dishwasher what I found in the sink. WHAT? SERIOUSLY? I was GONE ALL DAY, I DIDN’T EAT ANYTHING IN THE HOUSE THAT DAY. When did I get elected to clean up other people’s messes?

So tonite there was another family meeting, because E had been on a tear much of the day, over various things. Well, the boy’s chore days have been changed to match the girls, so that all the sweeping/mopping can happen on the same days. Granted I haven’t been up and done the girl’s bathroom, but I DID handle the downstairs bathroom before we had company come over on Sunday.

Now the “dinner” duty has become all day kitchen duty. Which, on the one hand, if we would all get up and clean up after ourselves, wouldn’t be a huge deal, but not everybody does that. I guess we’ll see what shakes out.

I get that I’m living here and haven’t been able to contribute much at all financially, however there have been 3 trips that could not have been made as they were without me here to stay with the girl and the critters, and another that needed someone here with the critters. I am doing all that I can to find work, and get some regular income that will allow me to contribute financially to the household (as well as keep my truck, tyvm), though it seems that I’m the ONLY one who is actively trying to find something, which is quite frustrating. Especially when I start getting “advice” texts from unemployed people about what to do to find work. UGH!

I think it’s time for me to pop into bed with the kitties for a decent night’s sleep before I get up and head into FW to take some clerical tests I need to do in order to apply for some municipal positions.

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