Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look Outside! It’s Snowing!

We have had yet another snow day this winter in North Texas. Now, the 3 inches we got Christmas Eve was a great showing for this part of Texas, for sure, but well, we've zinged right past that now. I was all toasty warm this morning when my phone said "Message Received" at about 6:55 this morning. Now, I'd heard someone come downstairs and fix coffee sometime between 6 & 6:30, but I'd managed to go back to sleep. I opened the phone and found this message: Look outside! J, to which I replied "HELL NO woman I don't care what's outside unless it's Ed McMahon with my Publisher's Clearing House prize I've not entered to win!!" that I was all warm & snug in my bed with all the kitties.

 The texting went back and forth for about 15 minutes until I gave up and agreed to go out into the living room & hang with her to let the man sleep a little longer…

My first look outside saw this:

It was too cold to actually venture out for awhile, but when I did brave the cold for the first time, we had about 2.5 inches at around 9:30 this morning. By 11:15 we were up to 3.75 inches, just under 4.5 at noon, 5.5 at 2:30, 7 at 6 pm, and the last time I went out at 9, we were up to 8 inches, with more falling! I quite suspect that tomorrow morning will be a lovely icy mess on the roads!
Our incarnations of the snowperson…

                          The teens, me, and our SnowWench!

Our Highland Snowman


 Looking at the driveway before anyone went anywhere

I like snow, but I'm pretty sure that by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to be absolutely OVER IT! I don't do cold, and sure I bitch and moan in the heat of the Texas summers, but I will take those summers over the endless weeks of cold (and snow) that make up winter in points north of the Red River! I have gotten some shots that I absolutely LOVE though!

Our sweet little elf that sits by the driveway!    


We clearly need to have class on how to make a snow angel J

After dark I went back out to check depth, and just HAD to take some shots in the dark… I'm pretty happy with them though.

Poor SnowWench has lost her head, and started passing out!

Tomorrow will probably yield more photo's, we'll see what we end up with!

Stay warm ya'll!

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