Monday, February 8, 2010

Cat Tails

Now, some of you may know that I live in a house FULL of cats. Literally, there are 13 that live here. No, it is NOT a catHOUSE, it is a very small cattery, HoBBiTcaTs and WavorgoNaked Sphynx. My cats you've met previously… Bow, Leo, and Mollie. Also in the house are Bob, The HORN DOG, a Highlander, I believe, who has a bobbed tail and curled ears, aka BTHD; Blondie (who is also a pet, like mine, rather than a breeder) a very sweet sphynx; Tumbles a mostly sweet, albeit Diva-esque Bambino (dwarf sphynx); male kittens Tril & Trin (borne of Tumbles & BTHD) who are Dwelf (dwarf sphynx with curled ears) Tril is standard (hairless) and Trin is non-standard (haired); female kitten Shady who is a Bambino a few weeks younger than T&T; Uno a min-skin (and don't ask me what that is, I'm still not clear on that, all I know is he's short legged and kinda semi-furry), and Geej, Peej, and umm, I can never remember that other girl's name, all 3 of whom are sphynx. BTHD & Trin live in the resident teen's room, and all of the others (besides mine) live in the Master bedroom. Tumbles & Blondie are uncaged, the 2 naked kittens are caged together (as there is an ultimate goal of breeding the next generation of dwelves from them). Uno and the 3 sphynx girls are all caged, though Uno only gets one girl at a time, and the one with him currently is NOT putting out, apparently, so he's still pretty whiny, and she keeps trying to escape whenever they are fed, or cages are cleaned…

Well, Friday Blondie was NOT well at all, and when everybody who was coming home for the night (as it was visitation weekend all 'round for various kiddos so there was a bit of coming/going to get everyone where they needed to be), she'd been in bed for virtually the entire day, wouldn't eat, and was running a temperature. Tumbles, being the diva that she is, was not about to be left out of the attention, and kept climbing into the bed on top of poor Blondie, and was thusly caged with Tril & Shady, which of course, did not make for a happy Tumbles. However, since we had no idea what was causing Blondie's illness, best to keep all the others in the room caged and avoid spreading anything that might be contagious. For the entire weekend, all of the Master BR cats were caged, save for the sick one, and since Trin had been snotty, he'd been put in with the 2 sphynx girls who were also getting some medication via nebulizer. Now, remember, Trin has spent several months running free with his daddy in the other bedroom, so he was quite unhappy at being caged, AND at not being caged with his brudder & his mama since he was caged! Yesterday afternoon before the teen got home, Trin got to go back into his room with BTHD, but everyone else had to stay where they were. By this morning, Blondie's definitely on the mend, but still not totally herself, so still needed the run of the bedroom to herself, but we decided to put the kittens in with Trin & BTHD, to give them time to run for a bit. Tumbles is just SOL, because it's too soon for her to be bred (naked kittens are more fragile than haired, so need to wait & breed her when it's likely to be warmer outside and stay that way when she'll deliver), but the babies were liberated. Aaaand then BTHD was liberated, against his will, for harassing the babies. He is, after all THE HORNDOG, and believes that his sole mission in life is to breed. That has been true in the past, however that mission is likely to change soon. We brought him downstairs into the living room, and he wandered around sniffing things. He did not appreciate ML's cold, wet, shar pei nose in his ass, however. We are hopeful that perhaps he will remember what that's like the next time he starts sniffing a kitten's ass, but well, sweet as he is, we aren't at all sure that the lesson took. He spent a decent bit of time sniffing me, purring… and then he decided he needed to mark me as his… fortunately, I saw it start, and managed to get him off me before it was much of anything and it didn't soak my (favorite) sleepshirt or my Dr Pepper pj pants! Little twerp! I changed my clothes, and later he was all in my lap purring and loving on me till he settled in for a nap, I suspect a wee bit high from the catnip residue that was on my jeans, which I'd set on the bed, on top of my cat's catnip mice.

Yeah, BTHD I think may be next on the list to get neutered, since he's decided to start marking territory. When we told the teen the story, we learned that he has indeed started marking a few spots in their bedroom…

I also need to get written down the story of Leo and the mousie from the weekend, but too tired to do it tonite…

Keep in Mind:
It may be those who do most, dream most.
-- Stephen B. Leacock

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