Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What a shocker…

Last night's bedtime viewing, since I don't yet have the satellite box procured to connect my tv to what's on real television, was Miss Congeniality. I have to fall asleep to something funny and light, or else I dream of being in the middle of whatever drama is playing, and restful sleep is elusive in those situations. I have a timer set to shut the tv off around the time that the movie ends, but haven't figured out how to shut off the DVD player/recorder, so when I turn the tv back on, the DVD is stopped at the end of the episode or on a menu of some sort. When I turned the tv on tonite, the menu is the Special Features menu. One of those features is a "Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Beauty Queen?" quiz, so just for shits & giggles I took it. Several questions I have no idea what I answered because the little circle around the letters didn't show up, however, whatever answer it took was either a. the answer I intended, or b. not different enough from what I intended to really matter in the grand scheme of things. Apparently, I SHOULD be the winner of the crown, because I'm beautiful, have a good outlook on life, AND I'm smart, however I won't win: "because of your brains, you don't need to win, you have other ambitions in life, however because you won't lie, manipulate, or cheat to win, you always lose to the one who will 'accidentally' trip you or hide the shoes that match your evening dress." I would say that's relatively accurate, because I won't cheat, lie, or manipulate people or situations just to win, and honestly, I would rather lose with class and knowing that I did the best I could, than to win because I cheated or caused someone else to lose because of my actions intended to harm their chances. Actually, it's just that standard, and the inability to truly understand how or why anyone else would have any other standard, that has gotten me burned in the past. I just have to work harder on listening to my inner cynic and pay a little more attention to what she tells me.
Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I'm going to dinner with some of my fellow Clan MacGiggle family members. I understand that there will be FRIED turkey (hopefully without a flaming turkey, which is how the last fried turkey prepared for a meal I ate wound up), some mashed taters, some sweet taters (eww), veggies, and tasty desserts. I'm in charge of dips & chips, so I mixed up some garlic veggie dip using a couple of dip mixes I bought at the last craft show I went to, and some bleu cheese dressing from scratch. I got the recipe from a former co-worker, who got it, as I understand it, from some restaurant in Lake Dallas. He never gave me amounts, other than the block of cream cheese, but these are my best estimation:
1 pkg Cream Cheese (I have also used neufchatel cheese & it's just as yummy)
8-10 oz crumbled Bleu Cheese (the fresher the better)
6 oz buttermilk (if you want it to be dressing instead of dip consistency, add a couple of ounces of buttermilk)
Seasonings are approximate measurements as I tend to shake 'em in rather than measure
2t Garlic POWDER
1 ½ t Onion Powder
1 ½ t Fresh ground Pepper
2 t Basil
Let cream cheese come to room temperature, pour in buttermilk and blend with hand mixer until well mixed, then add Bleu cheese crumbles and seasonings. Beat until well mixed, chill and serve cold
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blue Cheese dressing. Truthfully, I was about 9 before I even knew that there were salad dressings other than Blue Cheese or Greek. There are several others that I will eat, but my first choice will always be BC!

This week's random weirdness was pretty well nonexistent this week, for some reason, save for the wren or sparrow or something that somehow wound up in the house tonite. I have NO CLUE how it ended up in here, however it did. None of the doors or windows had been open for a couple of hours, which was totally bizarre. I had left my bedroom door open for my cats to have a little time wandering around the house. Leo was immediately on the HUNT when he caught sight of the bird. I managed to chase him around a bit, and catch him on the kitchen counter, put him in the bedroom with his sister, then open both the front and back doors to try and coax the bird out. It finally managed to get to the back door and see the exit, but it was about 20 minutes worth of trying to talk him/her out of the house! When I let the cats back out, apparently there had been some conversation that went something like this:
Leo: Girrrl, there's a bird out there, and I almost had it, but then Mom picked me up off the counter and put me back in here!
Bow: you were on the counter? NO FAIR, she wouldn't even let me sit in the drawer with all the little bottles in it.
Leo: did you not hear what I said? BIRD! Prey, chance to eat some REAL food.
Bow: yeah, yeah, you were ON THE COUNTER!
As soon as I opened the door, Bow was in the kitchen, working out the best path to the counter. As soon as she got up, I told her to get down, and she just stood there looking at me, hollering.
At any rate, that's about all for this Wednesday… Everybody have a great Thanksgiving!

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