Thursday, September 17, 2009


*SIGH* I've not posted in over a week for a couple of reasons. Mostly, it's because I hate to be negative all the time, and right now, I've been feeling VERY negative of late. I really thought that the job I started on the 3rd would be something I could do long term, though there were a couple of quirky things that are probably a bigger deal to me than to many other people just because of my quirks. In total, I worked 6 days, 2 days theat first week, and 4 the following week, which included Labor Day Monday and the office was closed. On friday afternoon, when I came back from lunch, and finished a coupole of things I was working on, the President of the company came out and told me that they had decided that this just wasn't going to work out. I asked if there was a specific reason, and the response was "when we hired you, we had specific expectations, and those just aren't being met." WHAT THE FUCK??? Every day I was there, I completed everything that was in my inbasket to be completed. I have no idea what I wasn't doing to their satisfaction, and they were apparently not inclined to give me specific information about it. I did nothing to mislead them about my experience, I was open and honest about the fact that my direct experience putting the information into the accounting program and doing that end of the processing of payables and receivables, as well as job costing, was several years old. I guess their learning curve is 5 days or less. In retrospect, I've come to the conclusion that it was NEVER a permanent position being offered. They never asked me for references. It's frankly a position that could be handled by 1 full time accounting person, rather than a full time receptionist/accounting assistant and a part-time accounting person. On the one hand, I respect and admire the decision to only work 2 days in the office and the other 3 from home, while caring for toddler twins, but on the other hand, if you are unwilling to delegate responsibility to an assistant, then you need to be in the office more than those 2 days. At any rate, I'm back on the hunt AGAIN, and am hoping that something will come through soon, before I'm too far behind to get caught back up again.

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