Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Knee High & other stuff

It has been a busy week or 10 days around here. Last week I went to a 3 morning job search workshop, put on by the Tarrant County Workforce center near me. OMG! I so wish I could have gotten into one of them sooner! They provided lots of tips and strategies for searching, resumes, and interviews. Random weirdness started on Thursday morning, when I was still in the building for the workshop. I was headed back to the conference room, and I encountered a woman at the elevator, that I wish I could have taken a picture of! Seriously, she must have weighed 350 lbs, and was wearing a very loud, brightly colored paisleyish print oversized top, with cropped leggings that I suspect were once black with little skulls all over them, however they have faded to gray. I know, you are thinking "OMG, where is my brain bleach or a spork to put my eyes out," right? Keep going on down the outfit to her feet... on the left, a t-strap sandal in white. On the right, a knee hi (because it definitely wasn't pantyhose, could have been a thigh hi, I guess though) in a lovely shade of dark brown, and a leopard print ballerina flat. Yeah, I was pretty traumatized by the whole thing. I get how you might put on mismatched shoes or sandals when you have more than one pair in the same style. I had a friend who did just that once, but really, how do you put a knee hi on one leg and not think "oh, I need to put a knee hi on the other leg so I can wear matching shoes"?! I also had a really good interview on Friday morning. It came about very quickly, and I really had a good vibe about it just from that. I had responded to a job posting the week before, and frankly, didn't expect to hear anything for another week or so, if at all. When I got home Wednesday evening, there was an email with an attached questionnaire. I really tried to think through my answers, and make sure that all of my answers were somehow positive, even if I didn't have the specific experience they were looking for. When I woke up on Thursday and checked my mail, I had a reply to my questionnaire, telling me that my answers were good, and asking when I was available for an interview. Within an hour, I had an interview set up for Friday morning. By the time I left the interview, after an hour and a half, I had been told to expect to return on the 24th or 25th for a second interview. By Friday afternoon, I was told to plan on the morning of the 25th. In all honesty, I feel better about this one than I did the one for my last position. I'm still checking the various job boards an submitting applications for positions I'm interested in. Speaking of pantyhose and random weirdness, a couple of days ago, I was doing some laundry, I looked up and saw this: I have been in this house for 17 months, and I can assure you that I have not bought any knee hi hose, especially a ginormous box of them. I'm not sure exactly a. from whence they came, because I have been up on a ladder putting stuff on those shelves in the past year, and never saw them before, or b. to whom they might belong, because the previous resident was a widower, and had been for several years before he remarried and moved out of the house.

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