Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gardening 2009

Earlier this week, a couple of things happened that inspired me to actually garden this Spring. First off, my lawn guy came buy while I was at work and mowed the front as well as cleaning out the front beds and trimming the bushes, etc. When I moved in, right about this time last year, it was a mad crazy rush to finish getting everything moved, clean out the old place, and get ready for Scarby, so there was no time to worry about adding to the flowers that my landlord had put in. Second, there was a thread posted on the Wench board about gardening that also inspired me. I've been gathering supplies and plants for several days. I still need to get a broadcast spreader, but I think I'll just pick up one of the handheld ones for ease of storage and because my yard isn't all that big anyway. I'm trying to go as natural as possible, so that means no chemicals going in my yard. Initially it will be a bit bigger outlay of funds, but in the long run it will be better all the way around. I have about 50 plants that need to go in the ground, and this weekend that will happen. What's that you say? Am I aware of the weather forecast? Yep, i know that we are going to have another cold snap. The good news is that my #2 Nephew is back from Alaska, without a job yet. He'll be right at home outside in the predicted temperatures mowing my back yard (which is locked up and because my lawn guy came early, I hadn't unlocked it for him to get in and mow it), fixing a flower bed by the pool deck, and getting what I've already bought into the ground for me. If we finish that before his evening commitment, we may go get more stuff for him to put in. At any rate, by the end of the weekend I should have a BEAUTIFUL garden started.


Michelle said...

Good luck! We redid our landscaping last year, and I have some hand weeding to go do when it warms up before I put new mulch down. And till the veggie garden. And add good soil. And plant the seeds. Oh my. We'll see how much gets done. Can I borrow your nephew? :)

Raevyn said...

Michelle- I'll see what I can do to get him to ya... transport could be a problem though, as he has no vehicle, and this is his first paying job since he got back, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't pay enough for plane fare to anywhere... maybe a bus ticket ;)