Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 a day!

I think, know I don't take time often enough to count my blessings. This past week could have been a hugely upsetting and disappointing one, and in the past, it WOULD have probably totally thrown me for a loop, caused a major fibro flare, and put me to bed for a couple of days. Fortunately, the way that the cards fell, I am able to adjust, make a couple of changes, and move past the "problem". My life is absolutely not where I thought I would be 14 years after I got my Bachelor's degree, but while I'm not in an ideal place, I'm in a good place, and trying to embrace the lessons I'm supposed to learn, so that I don't have to keep repeating them.
A friend was recently told, as part of a recovery process, to keep a journal of positive things in her life. I realized that I could benefit from doing the same, and it will provide me with both motivation to write and a topic on which I can write, especially when I don't think of anything really awesome to write about. I enjoy writing, and I know that my only hope for improving my writing is to actually DO IT!
Amusing to me night before last was that my Li'lcat, who is still unneutered, (until we know that his brother, who is the standard Dwelf in the family isn't shooting blanks) decided that he is a STUD, much to the chagrin of his adopted sister Girlcat, who was spayed almost 14 years ago, when she was a kitten. She was totally NOT thrilled with his amorous intent… and since his body is about 2 inches shorter (from shoulders to hips) than hers, well, he just couldn't get his aim quite right, so she just had this little short cat with her scruff in his mouth pinning her down! It truly was HILARIOUS to see, though I know that she didn't see any humor to it. I've no idea what has caused him to suddenly decide he's a big stud… there's nobody in the house in season, though there are a couple that could be getting ready to come into season, and his sisters CAN'T come into season.
And today I saw the funniest NASCAR commercial EVER!!!

Today's 3 blessings are:
*I have a comfortable, relatively climate-controlled place to live
*I have a lot of people in my world that I truly enjoy and can count on
*my cats, bladder, brain & fibro all let me get 10 hours of sleep uninterrupted last night

And tonight I'm going to make myself go lie down before 10:30, in the hopes of 7 hours tonight!

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