Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Fresh Start

I have gotten so very tired of the whole job search thing, and trying to generate some income somewhere. I finally managed to discover yesterday that I will NOT be starting school on Monday, because I can't even talk to TWC about the program options until Friday afternoon. This morning, when I was checking the Work In Texas website, I made a couple of tweaks to my search area, and lo and behold, there, in Granbury, less than 30 miles from home, was a posting for a receptionist with a construction company! I made a couple of edits to my resume, wrote a new cover letter, which included my Texas Back To Work certification, and emailed it to the address specified. Within an hour, I had a callback, and they wanted to interview me at 2 this afternoon. By 2:30, I had been offered the position! WOO HOO! The pay is significantly less than what I've made in the past decade, however it's a job, with some growth potential, and it looks to be something at which I can really make a contribution. It's a small company, started a few years ago, experiencing a good bit of growth, necessitating the creation of a new position. So tomorrow morning at 7:15, I'll head out, stop for gas on the way, and then be at the office by 8.


So now it's time for me to go to bed and get a decent night's sleep before I get up and have a longer than usual day.


Commence Happy Dances Now

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Ruth said...

[Dancing.] I only just met you, but I celebrate your good news, after such a long time!