Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Projects

It's been a busy couple of days, and several projects have gotten accomplished.

  1. Corset pattern for undercorset which won't poke me in the ass like my first one did
    1. Pattern drafted as one piece that I can use to make a couple of covers

    2. Pattern drafted into separate pieces that can be made with or without a busk
      1. First layer of new undercorset cut & pinned

  2. New Bloomers
    1. Memorial Day/4th of July stars
    2. Pirate

  3. Skirted Pirate corset
    1. Outer layer of fabric cut for corset cover

  4. Use existing pieces to create jewelry for sale
    1. 1 necklace with matching earrings set
    2. 2 necklaces with fused glass pendants
  5. Create ETSY shop to sell jewelry and whatever else I decide to make and market
I'm not sure what prompted me to go ahead and get off my ass and actually make the jewelry, except that I have had some of the pieces for a couple of years, without doing anything with them. Some of the beads are old necklaces of my mother's and grandmother's that I'd disassembled to use some of the beads in different projects.
I'm thinking that perhaps I will start trolling garage, yard and estate sales, see what I can find and repurpose into something new and interesting. I'm not expecting to make a living at it, but perhaps it will bring in enough income to cover some of the bills until I'm working again, AND when I do start working again, it will be a source of fun money, in addition to creative expression. In the meantime, watch my ETSY Shoppe

My undercorset pattern is going to be fairly tedious, because well, I've got one layer cut and pinned, but I need 3 more layers cut into the 5 pieces, 20 bones, and all of the assembly. I drafted the pattern off of my favorite red corset. It's not actually renaissance period, in that it doesn't do the whole conical shape thing, but DAMN I do love the silhouette I get when I wear it, and it fits me better than any other corset or bodice I've ever worn, so I'm going with it, and if it comes to pass that I MUST be wearing something more historically accurate, I believe I can achieve the line using the overdress.
I've also drafted a one-piece pattern of the same corset, because I plan to make at least a couple of covers for it, so that I can get more wear out of it, and have a few different looks with just the one corset as the foundation. The Skirted Pirate corset will probably be an entity unto itself, however, because I just can't visualize how to make it one of the covers.

Pirate bloomers, well, my second pair of self-made bloomers were pirates… and I LOVE them, still… which reminds me, I need to take the elastic in on those about an inch and a half so I don't accidentally pants myself at faire. I've also got some really fun skull fabric that I think will make a cute second pair. This season I'm only out at faire on Sunday of Pirate weekend, but in other years I'm usually out there both days, so 2 pairs of pirate bloomies would be fabulous. I'm hoping to get them whipped out tomorrow so I can wear them on Sunday

Memorial Day Bloomies… my original pirate bloomies are red, white & blue, and have been just fine, but last year I found this awesome blue fabric with red white & blue stars on them. I have until next Thursday to get these finished, before I head to west TX for the #1 Boy's HS graduation, after which we may be making a dashing trip back early Saturday morning so we can make part of Saturday, plus all day Sunday, and Darla can head home after Parade Monday.

In other news, this morning I had a call from a firm to whom I submitted a resume last week, asking me to come in this morning for an interview. I literally had an hour and a half from initial call to scheduled interview time. I hate not having time to prepare, and I'm not sure I did as well as I would like to have, but I gave it my best shot, and should know by the middle of next week whether they want me to come back for another interview, or if they've made a decision.
Much to do tomorrow, so now it's off to bed with me…

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