Friday, July 25, 2008


Ok, last week I joined the gym (24 hour fitness), and with my membership package I got this handy little gadget called a BodyBugg. You wear it on your arm after it's been set up by your trainer, and it tracks all of your activity and then you upload it and it tells you how many calories you burned. The program online also has a place to put in what you have eaten and it will calculate everything for you, it's totally cool! So in looking at my food calculations from yesterday, I'm going to have to work something else out for food, that's for sure. While I did very well on the number of calories I took in, and even though I didn't do a damned thing to exercise and didn't come anywhere near my goal for calories burned, and still burned more than I ate, my balance is way off. I should be having: 93g Protein 254g Carbs 50g Total Fat 300mg Cholesterol 2400mg Sodium 21g fiber 20g saturated fat 1000mg Calcium I actually had: 52g Protein 177g Carbs 80g Total Fat 117mg Cholesterol 2597mg Sodium 12g fiber 31g saturated fat 564mg Calcium So, obviously I need to increase my protein, fiber, and calcium, but reduce my fat (a lot) and my sodium (a little). I think I'm going grocery shopping tonite..........

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