Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Weekend off

Yep, I finally had a weekend free from commitments. I did managed to get some things accomplished, though not nearly enough. A portion of the around 2000 photos I took at Scarborough are finally edited. Oh, there are plenty more to get done, and hopefully, I'll get a few done each night this week, and before I go to Cancun in a couple of weeks they'll all be done and up. I learned a few things about myself this week:
  • I learned that I don't read some people nearly as well as I thought I did. To that end, I'm pulling back out my face reading book, and brushing up on that so that maybe next time, I won't be such a dunce.
  • I realized that tapes that I thought were long gone from my head, while not nearly so prominent, are still there, and while they always will be, I know that they were placed there out of love, not malice, and that they are not actually true
  • I realized, again, how blessed I am to have the people who are in my world, and how much I have enjoyed adding to my world this year.
  • I learned that there is music in all of us, itching to get out, we just have to recognize that music, and let it out, whether it is actually music, or dance, or words, or watercolor, or oils...
  • I learned that while, outwardly, I always embrace the person that I have become, I am not always honest with myself, and I don't always believe what I am projecting, though I do believe it is true.

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