Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Once again Rae’s been a very bad blogger. 6 months between posts is, I suppose, both good and bad. I’ve used this blog at times as a therapeutic device, sometimes as a diary. That I’ve not felt the need for therapy or a diary over the last couple of years is probably a good thing, right?
In December I moved out to the country, a decision that I made after the Cow incident, which showed me just how isolated from my support system I had become. I’m currently sharing a house again, for the time being, but if all falls into place reasonably, by the end of the year, I’ll be out into a more private studio type of space, although still in our little village.
At the end of January, the position I was looking to leave, and as such, had reworked my resume and begun searching for a fresh, more stable opportunity; was eliminated via an “office reorganization”, after I objected to working a 9 hour Saturday in addition to my 9 hour weekdays, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL PAY. Yes, I know this was illegal, however my supervisor (who fancies herself the be all and end all of EVERYTHING), had no response available when I pointed out that under federal law, my position (Accounting Assistant), and the fact that I had no employees who reported to me, and had no decision-making authority on anything other than what I ate for lunch was classified as NON-EXEMPT salaried, and thus I was entitled to overtime pay for any and all hours worked over 40 in a week. They paid me through the end of the week (which was the end of the month), and gave me notice in writing, that they would not object to my unemployment claim.  I packed my stuff and walked out with my head held high. I didn’t shed a single tear, because, frankly, I was growing increasingly unhappy, because I was unappreciated and unnecessarily micromanaged. In the end, my supervisor tried to have criminal fraud charges filed against me because I’d had mail sent there, having ordered something WEEKS earlier that didn’t arrive until a week after I left. That little plan bit her in the ass when she called the Sheriff to do so, and when they asked her how she knew what was in the envelope, she admitted to opening my U.S. Mail, which WAS marked “To Be Opened By Addressee Only” and was from a State of TX agency.  In the end, she elected to back off, likely because she was told that I was perfectly within my rights to file FEDERAL mail tampering charges against her.   The upside is that I don’t have to deal with her EVER AGAIN.
In the months since I left there, I’ve been on a bunch of interviews, sent out hundreds of resumes,  sold a few pieces of jewelry (more on that in a later post), spent 8 weekends selling perfume oils again (God I love doing that!), and spent a lot of time with my cats.  I've cut about 8 inches off my hair, partially because it was time for a change, and partially because it was driving me a little crazy because it had decided to be kinda frizzy, despite it having had no chemical treatments on it, since I've been coloring with henna for more than 2 years
Tomorrow I have a 2nd interview for a position that’s not specifically in my field, but is in a related field, with a large, very stable company, with great benefits, and opportunity for advancement.

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