Thursday, July 19, 2012


Wow, it's been almost 3 months since I posted. It got pretty crazy that last month of Scarborough, I worked more hours this season, and half the weekends, including closing, I worked full time, which was hard, but I'm pretty pleased with how my body handled it. I didn't even have to go in to my weekday job late on Mondays. Now, the first weekend of June I pretty much stayed on the couch or in bed for the whole weekend, but there was no flare.  I am attributing it to the fact that things have settled down and I've actually felt that I had some sort of control over my world for the first time in more than 2 years. It's not perfect, by any means, but it's mine, and back in a balanced harmony.

I'd had some tentative plans to head north to meet my friends from Galveston at the PA RenFaire, but I figured out several weeks ago that I couldn't afford the airfare, and instead decided to head west to a new Highland games in Odessa, taking a long weekend to use up my vacation days that expire the week after the games. Unfortunately, my boss had other plans, to be out of the country, and there's just not another time between now and then that it will be convenient for me to take the days, which, in the end has worked in my favor. I had to have some fairly extensive work done on my car, so it would pass inspection, oh, and not burn up the engine. She's 21 years old, with relatively low miles, but several things began to fail at once. I was blessed to find an honest mechanic, and my boss allowed me to cash in the unused vacation days in order to cover about a third of the repair cost.

The move back to the home office has been an adjustment, there are many days that I spend frustrated with other people's habits (I don't understand why you can get to the vet's office with your dog at 8:30, then get her home & settled, and up to the office by 9:30, but you can't make it the 3 miles from your house to the office before 9 on any other day), but overall I'm so very grateful to have a job that I like, working for a boss that I like. The real upside to working over there is that there's an HEB grocery store a block away, and I LOVE HEB for all sorts of things. It allows me to shop economically (in general their prices are competitive with Wallyworld, and, in my opinion, their meat department blows Wallyworld out of the water!

My goal now is to spend a little time each day reflecting on the good, and putting any negative in the past.

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