Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Possibly my last post

This could quite possibly be my last post. For a bit anyway. Tonite marked the end of my 2 cat only world. I brought Mollie downstairs to move in with us. It’s been planned from pretty much as soon as I moved in here with E&T, especially since they have decided to get back into the breeding of the designer cats.

I’ve mentioned my 2 before. Leo, my big boy, is about 11 now, and while he’s not frightened of his own shadow anymore, change tends to stress him a bit, and if there is too much activity outside our bedroom door, it does tend to upset him. Bow, my precious baby girl is 12 now, and still rotten as ever, and relatively certain that the world does, indeed, revolve around her multicolored little self.

I can assure you that neither is particularly pleased with the addition of Mollie to the bedroom! And, quite frankly, I think at least part of their annoyance stems from the fact that she seems not to give a damn about the fact that they are growling and hissing at her. It matters not that she is less than ½ their size (and, as a dwarf, that’s all she ever will be).

When I first brought her in tonite, I took her to the litterbox, so she knew where it was, and then I let her go on walkabout, during which she found the water dish, the food dish, and Bow. That conversation went something like this:

{both cats on the floor at the foot of the bed, with Leo looking down on them}


Mollie: *dopey look that says “huh?”*


At this point, I scruffed Bow where she stood on the ground and talked to her, telling her Mollie is fine and she doesn’t have to be ugly. Mollie passed her and went to the food dish. Bow heads around to the other side of the bed and goes under it.

Her first conversation with Leo went like so:

{Mollie jumps onto the bed about 4 inches from his face}

Leo: grrrRRRRRRROW pff

Mollie: (cuts him off) RRROWWW pft (and a swipe of her paw that misses him by a mile)


Mollie: turns her back on him, waddles to the pillow and starts washing her paw

Bow eventually gets out from under the bed, Mollie has by now moved down to the foot of the bed for a full on bath and quick nap. Leo has been hissing intermittently and glaring, first at me, then at Mollie. I finally convinced Bow to come out and get up on the bed beside me, which she does, but she steadfastly refuses to purr, and is intermittently growling at Mollie, who, being deaf, doesn’t hear it, and thus doesn’t really care.

They have each finally settled down now, hopefully for the night. Mollie’s asleep on a pillow on one side of me, Bow’s in her favorite spot on the other side of me, where she’ll be right IN MY FACE should she need to tell me anything in the middle of the night, and Leo’s down at the foot of the bed with his back to me, so I’ve no idea if he is awake or asleep.

At any rate, it may be a couple of days before I’m able to update, should there ensue a heated discussion in the night, of exactly what the pecking order in this little abode shall be. If anyone has any “make the kitties get along famously” sorts of spells, incantations, or ideas, please send them my way, as I may need them soon….


clarkgal1 said...

You are funny dear Raenell, enjoyed the read.

Carolyn Sordahl

Michelle said...

Ohhh the joys of introducing cats. I have had some luck in the past with heavy doses of catnip. Enjoy -- and hopefully you escape with no collateral damage ;)